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  • Elise K. Long

Family Reunions

family photos

So I just participated in a family reunion for my mother's line. It was great fun and very informative. I learned so much more about my cousins and their children. But the icing on the cake for me was the information I obtained from my uncle on his and my mother's family.

Reunions are a great resource for those doing genealogy, and I tried to take full advantage of my time with my relatives.

Several other cousins brought pictures from there line of the family. So I was able to scan them and add them to my collection. So now I have pictures to link to people in my family tree. It is wonderful that I have family that likes to share. I encourage everyone to ask their relatives for copies of pictures. It's a great way to get to know them better, because it opens the door of communication. The elder generations always seem to have great stories to tell of their parents and grandparents.

Family gatherings are a great time to show videos too. They are always fun to watch. But if you only have time to go to lunch with your aunt or uncle, that can be very meaningful to you and them. As well as informative.

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