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The Process:

We start by acquiring information from you.  We need all the information you have about the subject(s) in question.  This is necessary to minimize duplicate research and help facilitate our research with accurate information.

We have forms for you to fill out that will help organize the information you already have.

Once we determine the scope of the research, we then draft a plan that clearly identifies your research goals which were defined in the free consultation.  This assists in ensuring your expectations are met.


We will then conduct a detailed and extensive search through millions of family history records to find your ancestors.

Project Documentation:

At the end of your Project, you will be provided with a final Research Report documenting the: 


Summary of Findings

A Research Log 

Source Documents (when available)

When appropriate, our recommendations for further research will also be included. 

Included with each project are:


The Research Report

Copies of documents found during our research process.

Originals, if they could be obtained.

Pictures of ancestors, when available.

All in a sturdy binder.

We also offer several embellishments for your projects :

Family History

Family Tree

Family Tree Charts

Genealogy Tidbit

Most Surnames have various spellings.  So when researching we must always use the soundex and other tools to help find the "misspelled" names.

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