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I am currently working on FAQS information to put on this page.  If you have a suggestion, please use the Contact US page.

This website is still a work in progress.
But we are working very hard to complete it.

The majority of the site is done. But there are a few more details that are needed to be ironed out.  Please be patient with us.  

Can you guarantee results?


No, but then no one can.  This is hard, I know, when you really want to find your ancestors.  But there is no way anyone can guarantee results.  It is possible that with more time, researching in locales in person or in other countries, that one might be able to find something.  But it is also possible that the research would still come up with nothing.  But we will always keep you apprised of the status of the work being done.

How much time should I buy for my project?

During the consultation process we will recommend the amount of time to accomplish your goals.  We will work diligently to complete your goals in the time agreed upon in the consultation.  But it is not always possible for various reasons, most of which are out of our control.  

Additional Charges  (Reimbursable Expenses)


Additional charges will be subject to your approval first.  

As an example:

To obtain original birth and death certificate there is an average price of about $15 per document.

Travel is almost always required.

We are very consciences about money and strive to keep costs down for our clients.  But when it is necessary to travel beyond 50 miles to get information there will be an extra charge.  The cost is a per mile rate according to the IRS schedule, for only the miles outside the 50 mile limit.

Payment options

We accept Paypal for payment.  This will allow you to pay with cash or credit/debit cards. 

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