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2023 Reunion

I'm sorry for not updating my blog space as often as I should but will make a greater effort in the future. This summer was a reunion summer. We all gathered in St Louis from all across the country to commemorate the generation before ours. The Kern 7, as they are dubbed. I say "ours" meaning my cousins and siblings.

As we all know, this summer has been a hot one. But we were determined to have an enjoyable time and we did. We had a few that were not at the 2018 reunion, but we also did not have a few that were at the 2018 reunion.

The eldest of the clan was Marcia, the wife of the youngest son, Robert B Kern who passed away in 2019. The youngest was a 3-month-old, Elsie.

My aunts were extremely interested in genealogy, and all participated in the hunt for information. They also solicited help from their sister-in-law because she was stationed over in Germany with her husband. She was able to find highly informative info.

But back to this reunion. I noticed a renewed interest from the younger generation, which put a smile on my face. One of those interested is my sister's grandson. Also, I found the next person to take over my collection of data when I can no longer perform the duties. But there is a chance that there will be more of the younger generation interested enough to give them all a copy. That would be a dream come true for me.

The reunion was a hit and renewed communications with the family were made. It is always nice to see everyone. As well as speaking to them in person and not just through email and social media. I highly recommend family reunions.

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