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What H.A.W.K.S Genealogy can do for you:


So, you want to know more about your past?  Your family?  Where you came from?  Thinking of doing it yourself?


Most people find the work of research extremely time-consuming, especially when results might not come so quickly - if at all for them.  Others find the work very tedious and overwhelming trying to decipher handwriting and errors in documentation. And then, there is the dreaded BRICK WALL.  Every researchers' nightmare!   So they give up.


Working on a family with the last name of Smith or a last name of Srivastava takes concentration, precision and detective work to locate only the relatives who match by location, dates and other specific similarities that only someone experienced in genealogy can accurately uncover.


H.A.W.K.S Genealogy can help you. We can research and document for you.  We can help discover the missing links and information in your family history.


Please start by filling out our form, let us know what you would like to discover about your family history.  Then we will contact you to discuss your options.  



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